The Barnes family of pump products provides versatility, high performance and unequaled value.

Barnes Pressure Sewer Systems are a practical, environmentally safe alternative to gravity sewers.

Barnes Plumbing Products offer a complete line of sump, sewage and effluent pumps for residential applications.

Burks brand pumps are extraordinarily versatile lines of end suction standard and self-priming centrifugal pumps, in-line centrifugal pumps and regenerative turbine pumps.

Designed for waste water and construction dewatering, Crown pumps save users money through efficient operation, low capital cost and ease of service ability.

Deming manufactures one of the most complete and diversified industrial lines of pumping equipment. Renowned for outstanding durability, efficiency and low-maintenance.

Prosser portable submersible pumps are the most cost-effective choice for efficient, reliable dewatering. More than 100 high head and high volume models are available. Prosser pumps feature slimline design to fit in the smallest areas.

When it comes to general industrial, municipal, commercial and building service pumps, Weinman is widely recognized for quality, efficiency and economy. Weinman pumps are particularly adept in HVAC and water service applications.