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Fluid Regulators & Accessories

Ingersoll Rand / ARO offers a comprehensive array of air filters, regulators, and air line accessories that provide the perfect measure of protection and precision to your pump. Ask your distributor to size one for your application today.

  • Reduces air exhaust noise level to acceptable OSHA standards
  • Swivels are used to give mobility and flexibility for material hoses and dispensing guns. Select the proper working pressure and check the compatibility of the seals with the material being pumped.
  • Providing a combination of high-flow performance, easy maintenance, and precise adjustment, ARO Fluid Pressure Regulators are recognized to be the premier regulators in the industry. Their reliable performance and innovative design features make them the preferred choice among fluid handling operators and material dispensing specialists.
  • With Authentic ARO Parts, you have access to a variety of accessories and replacement parts to enable greater customization and flexibility for your application, while maintaining the peace-of-mind that comes with parts built exactly by ARO. Lockout valves, check valves, mounting brackets, manifolds, soft start valves, gauges, and pipe adapters are available in several sizes and configurations to fit your needs.
  • Remove lumps and particulates from pumped material to ensure the delivery of free-flowing, homogeneous material to the dispense valve
  • Shuts off air to the pump when material container is empty or when the line is broken
    • Quick set and reset feature
    • Includes hose, fittings and valve


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