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Powder Transfer Pumps

Powder Transfer Pumps

PP10A-XXX-XXX, PP20A-XXX-XXX, PP30A-XXX-XXX 100 psi (6.9 bar)

  • Replaces Manual Powder Processes
  • Reduce Airborne Contamination – With direct transfer from the powder container to your recipe
  • Unique Patented Air-Induction System – Avoids the possibility of powder pack-out
  • Economical and Simple – Unlike large, complex systems
  • Portable – Can be moved from site to site
  • Advanced Air-Induction Technology – 4-Way air efficiency valve, delay timer, pump major air valve, air induction valve, main air control valve and air motor muffler
  • NPT, BSP and Tri-Clamp material connections


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