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LaBour Taber Vertical Sump Pumps 1000/8000

LaBour Taber Vertical Sump Pumps 1000/8000


  • Rugged vertical design: Rugged construction provides long MTBPM and long service life.
  • Pump thrust bearing: Since pump thrust is not carried by the motor, standard P-base motors and flexible couplings can be used.
  • Impeller adjustment above support rate: Allows for impeller adjustment with pump installed, reducing maintenance and adjustment time.
  • Long sleeve bearings: Offers better support of the shaft, less shaft deflection, and longer bearing life.
  • Registered fits: Every part location is concentric to the shaft, offering longer MTBPM and simple maintenance.
  • Fabricated support columns: Rigid support columns with registered fits provide precise alignment of shaft and sleeve bearings for easy assembly.
  • Oversized shaft diameters: Large shaft diameter minimizes deflection, provides longer MTBPM and better shaft/bearing stability.
  • All metal construction: Strength and durability of a wide range of alloys to handle a wide range of liquids.
  • Strainer: Optional for waste sumps to keep trash out of impeller and casting.
  • Heavy duty support plates: Thicker support plates offer a longer service life due to more stiffness and vibration damping effect.


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